Ponny Back Ridding Lessons

Children at least two times a month ride two little ponies. Either children go to the farm or ponies go to the school.

Our instructor is Ing. Martina Maršíková. She passed master degree of Agricultural Engineering – Animal Science at the Czech University of Agriculture Prague in 2006 and in 2016 she passed an exam of horsemanship.

Martina has many experience working with children and animals from England and New Zealand. After she came back to Czech Republic she started to work on Polacek family farm as zootechnical worker and from January 2015 she also cooperate with FARMA CHMEL s.r.o., where she is charge of two ponies from International Countryside School. She teach children how to ride them and also how to take care of them and other animals too.

Pony/horseback ridding has positive effect on children’s coordination and balance. They also learn responsibility and also that having an animal is not only fun but also some duties.

Our ponies


Was born in 2000 in Netherland and she lived there till end of the year 2014. Martina said that Will is the best pony she ever met, she is so patient and she is also very calm so she is best to work with children. Will is typical pony of her breed.


Babeta was born in Czech republic in 2003. She is more active than Will, she likes to work with children and also test their ambitions. She is very gentle to the rider and she is able to teach them the same approach to her too.

Both of our ponies are training regularly so they would be physically and mentally able to carry children on their back quite often. Will and Babeta learn how to pull the carriage. In 2016 Babeta successfully passed performance tests of its breed. Part of our pony training is also ability to work in different unknown and noisy places, or presence of different animals or bigger amount of people or children.


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