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Application process


Contact our office manager to schedule an appointment with our Principal/ Head teacher. We  would be happy to meet you and discuss our daily routine, school activities, education program, show you our school and you can meet teachers too.

Adaptation program

After trial lesson you will meet our head teacher to personalize the Adaptation program according to your requirements and individual need of your child. And so meet our Office manager/ Principal to sign enrollment documents and discuss payments methods.


Before a trial day/ lesson please make sure you provided us all documents (especially child profile and contact list) needed for starting application process. We will provide you access to our school information platform Twigsee.


After the start of the Adaptation program, you will be informed about the progress through photographs from all activities via Twigsee App.

Trial day

 Trial day/lesson starts at 8:30 so the child/ren can join Morning freeplay before dividing into their classes by age. In the class you will be part of morning routine like Circle-time, Language/Math development, Art activities, Snack and Outdoor Activities.

Application fee

Is paid  as part of Application process. You will receive an invoice for the application fee via email after your trial lesson. The application fee in non-refundable.



Na Džbánu 560, 161 00 Praha 6-Liboc


The pricipal - Tereza Dvorakova
+420 773 017

The owner - Michaela Necasova

+420 607 987 104 

Office manager - Zuzana Sverclova

+420 606 735 354 




Please contact our principal Tereza for all of possible questions about school attendance, adaptation program, individual needs of children…..etc

We accept children throughout the academic year depends on the space and fulfillment of our admissions criteria. 

Contribution amount list


*Adaptation program is service only for new clients for first two months.

  Price including food and activities provided in ICS

  School fee must be paid in advance

  5% Sibling discount

  20% discount in case of pre-announced absence longer than 1 calendar month


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